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Would you Like a Workshop with Gary Schwartz? Why not organize one in your city? 


Currently Enrolling in a weekend intensive in Duvall WA January 12 – 14, 2018

  • Contact Gary with your desired dates

  • Describe your group

  • Negotiate Fees and Costs

    Costs are determined on a number of factors:

  • Travel Cost
  • Lodging Cost
  • Venue Rental
  • Number of players

Contact Gary Now!
  • Create a price per student based on the size of the workshop. (a good sized workshop is 16 – 24 people)
  • Determine the length of the workshop. Number of days & hours per day.
  • Establish a cost per student that would cover the rental and travel, lodging and Gary’s fees.
  • Work with Gary to create a marketing plan
  • Collect funds via PayPal deposits for the enrollees. Build into the cost a commission for yourself or give yourself a free workshop as the organizer/host
Viola Spolin called her work Kindergarten for the 21st century. What she meant is that her work represents the fundamental skills needed for both actor and audience to meet and interact in a new and basic way. Gary continues teaching her games, in the most authentic way, and has made it his life’s work and mission to teach in adherence with her philosophies. He is one of the few living teachers who has not altered her approach, but continues in her legacy. It is not uncommon for a student to spend three days in an intensive workshop and declare that the weekend changed his or her life, forever. The essence of this work is, indeed, transformation!

What Others are Saying About Our Workshops

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“Gary Schwartz is a master teacher and captures perfectly the essence of Viola Spolin’s work. Gary has not only committed his life to this work but where Viola leaves off Gary begins. He is a warm, talented and supportive teacher who brings out the best in everyone he coaches. His work awakens the actor in each and every player in a fun, organic and therapeutic way where fear no longer dominates and awakening the creative force within is the outcome.”    – Michael Scholes, Workshop Player, Washington DC

“I highly recommend Gary Schwartz’s Spolin Workshop. Whether you are an improviser, actor, experimenter; advanced, beginner, dabbler … This workshop will be fun and expand your toolkit. Gary’s teaching is encouraging and he creates an environment where it is easy to play.”  – Molly Lyons, Director Greenwood Acting Studio, Seattle WA

I walked away from the weekend with the transformative effect of these games in my bones.” – Kelsey Flynn Co-founder of NetMirth, Northampton, MA

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