Project Description

Action / Interaction / Transformation

 One of the most gratifying games to play for me is Transformations. Finding new relationships in partnership with another player in a kaleidoscope kind of way is so invigorating.

No Urgency / No Motion / Heighten and Explore

The best thing is to wait for the relationship to emerge rather than let it devolve into a “Freeze Tag” type game. Take your time and go for real connection in No-Motion. The caveat here is not to jump to label an interaction and go for Yes, and… There should be a mutual discovery of a relationship and when that happens the relationship crystallizes. Then play a few beats of that scenario. The temptation then is to stay involved in this new relationship. Once it is established, find something to Explore and Heighten and let that lead you to the next transformation.

• The teacher-director must be careful to always stay with the focus. The tendency to discuss character, scene, etc. critically and psychologically is often difficult to stop. The focus keeps both the teacher and the student from wandering too far afield. “Did he solve the problem?” “He was good.” “But did he solve the problem?”

— Viola Spolin