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Project Description

Allowing Who (relationship) to reveal itself without telling

We do not want to be told who we are in this game. We want to discover it by paying attention to how our fellow player relates to us. Often this is called ‘endowment’ but too often it is done by clues and telling. We avoid true relation and opt for being told who we are, then we can adopt some cliche version of a relationship. In discovering who you are, you are more able to emerge as a real character vs. a caricature. Mirror Penetration is a good game to use as a warm-up to this game. Mirror penetration requires intense observation of the other.

No Questions, No Urgency!

When you play this game, there is an urgency to ‘guess’ who you are. You are to play noncommittally, keeping the door open for who to reveal itself. Questions on either player’s part asks us to come up with something from our head. Player 1 (who knows) can’t ask things like “What are you doing here?” and expect an answer. Rhetorical questions are OK. If Player 2 does get a question, watch to see if they throw it back on Player 1 within the context of playing. Finally this game’s variation is showing who through adding Where and What. Showing the where is a big help and you’ll note in some of the examples, where is used, along with what. i.e., in a jewelry shop’s special gem room for example.

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