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See your fellow player and let them see you!

Space walks should be given often as warmups and the side coach must participate actively in these exercises. Spacewalks are appropriate for any group, (classroom, workshop, or show warm-up). It is also used for refreshment when players or you seem fragmented (nowhere). Side coaching phrases from the book or videos, will help you develop familiarity with the various exercises and, in time, modifications of the side coaching will emerge from the needs of your group. Once you have had experience doing other types of games like Listening /Hearing and Looking/Seeing Games and exercises, you will find it natural to introduce side-coaching phrases from those games into the space walks.

Space Walk Commentary

Space Walks and Feeling Self with Self, more than just physical sensory and perception exercises, are organic ways of perceiving/sensing/experiencing the environment (space) around us as an actual dimension in which all can enter, communicate, live and be free. Distractions are removed and players are helped to enter the moment with self, with other players, and with forms and objects. Each player becomes a receiving sending instrument capable of reaching out beyond the physical self and the immediate environment. A spacewalk invariably creates elation, alertness, and a developing feeling of belonging and real connection (part of the whole). As water surrounds and supports marine life, space substance surrounds and supports us. There is enough space for all! Each in his own space allows others their space. The players will intuitively grasp this. “Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!” A very quick and easy way to get in your body. Spacewalks can be long or short and contain one or several experiences. Use your judgement based on the player’s needs. Viola Spolin leads a spacewalk from the DVD “Viola Spolin Conducts Theater Games” published by Intuitive Learning Systems. (available at and Space as substance needs to be experienced and shared as a material. Even when the space is used as props and scenery, it must be seen by all. Made visible through focus.

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