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Project Description

Quick Selection for Where

The Where

In setting up a scene, the group will benefit from being able to quickly agree on basic set pieces in the Where. During play, more may emerge, but everyone needs a door, a window, something to sit on, etc.

More than one room for various things

A bed can be in: A Hospital room, A Bedroom, Jail, Barracks, A mattress store, etc.  So you need a few other objects that show the Audience where you are specifically.

Tension should be a natural part of the activity between players with¬out every scene ending in a conflict to make something happen (release can come out of agreement). This is not easily understood. A rope between players might set up opposite goals (conflict) in a tug-of-war, yet a rope be¬tween players pulling them all up a mountain could have similar tension with all pulling together towards the same goal. Tension and release are implicit in problem-solving.

— Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater

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