Project Description

Quick Selection for Where

The Where

In setting up a scene, the group will benefit from being able to quickly agree on basic set pieces in the Where. During play, more may emerge, but everyone needs a door, a window, something to sit on, etc.

More than one room for various things

A bed can be in: A Hospital room, A Bedroom, Jail, Barracks, A mattress store, etc.  So you need a few other objects that show the Audience where you are specifically.

Ad-libbing and wordiness during the solving of problems constitutes withdrawal from the problem, the environment, and each other. Verbaliz¬ing becomes an abstraction from total organic response and is used in place of contact to obscure the self, and when cleverly done, this is difficult to catch. Dialogue, on the other hand, is simply a further expression of a total human communication (connection) on-stage.

— Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater