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Project Description


You’re All in it Together!

A good question that was brought up is “is it possible not to look at another player and share the motion?”  The urge to tell what I know about this game has to be avoided. It’s the player’s problem. If I give too many examples students don’t get a chance to come up with their own ideas. Yet, when, as you’ll see in this video they start on the wrong track, I do have to stop the game and ask them to think of another object.

You’ll see that the team benefited from the previous evaluations.

Coach with Care

“Let the object move you!” and “Heighten the motion!” are repeated. Copying each other’s movements can sometimes seen as ‘Sharing the motion” but watch to see if there’s a leader verses “Following the Follower.” “Show, don’t tell!” is good to call when you see players obviously “acting” for the benefit of having the audience know more than their fellow players.

Keep coaching “You’re all in it toghether” and “Let the object move you.”


HOW: Pre-planning How keeps the intuitive from working by plotting of a situation as opposed to meeting whatever comes up at the moment of playing; preparing one’s self for every move as opposed to waiting to see what will happen; fear of venturing out into the unknown; giving examples of ways of solving the problem; performing.

— Viola Spolin

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