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Project Description


Gibberish is used to communicate

The mistake a lot of people make, is that gibberish is just a bunch of fun noise to be blathered and have some people make up what they can based on the attitude and gestures. Connecting their clever lines to some aspect of what the gibberish looked and sounded like. This is not the case.

Know what you are saying

The fun of Gibberish is that the audience knows basically what is being said and delights in having it corroborated by the players. This work does so many good things.
  • Animates the Speaker
  • Forces expressive intonation and expression
  • Focuses the speaker on really communicating.

One Comment

  1. […] The student with the situation card now has one minute to explain, in a made-up gibberish language, whatever is noted on the situation flashcard. For example, a situation card might read “I got stopped by the cops while driving home last night,” and the acting student would have to try to convey that situation using gibberish, gestures and facial expressions. (Video example here.) […]

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