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Project Description

Making the Invisible Visible

This is a very important exercise. Space is the most neglected aspect in Improvisation. I stress it, because beyond seeing, it requires strong focus and goes a long way to create a compelling stage reality. In this video, I demonstrate and also coach students new to the exercise. I demonstrate good sidecoaching in this video in that I try to find things to help the players unlock the problem without judgement. Judgmentalism is easy to fall into when working with students of varying skill. Take note of the hints and commentary in the second half of the video.

• Be flexible. Alter your plans on a moment’s notice if it is advisable to do so, for when the foundation upon which this work is based is under¬stood and you know your role as teacher, you can find an appropriate the¬ater game and/or games to meet an immediate problem.

— Viola Spolin

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