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Akin to Who Am I?, many often call this game “Endowment”. How it is played in current Improv training bears little resemblance to the original exercise. Players A and B. A is seated and B enters the art gallery and has given A some unusual physical characteristic. The key to the game is to relate to the one who doesn’t know and convey the quality to that player. Player A must not assume, but play along until it becomes clear what the physical characteristic is and then adopt it and continues to play and bring the scene to a conclusion. This example is hilarious when you know that the unknowing player is. In this case Player A is a 2 dimensional abstract Picasso-like painting. Note the lack of urgency as the players unfold this scene. If you play this game, the goal is to show and not tell no matter how long it takes. Coach “No Urgency” if the players become impatient. i.e., B tells or A assumes and begins guessing.

Everyone who involves himself or herself and responds with his or her total organism to an art form usually gives back what is commonly called talented and creative behavior. When players respond joyously, effortlessly, you will know that the theater is, then, in their very bones.

— Viola Spolin

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