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Become a Spolin Coach through The Spolin Games Mentoring Progam!

By signing up to be a Spolin Coach, you will have FREE access to;

  • WEBCASTS and more… (Coming Soon)

This site is meant to help shine a light on the wisdom and practice of Viola Spolin’s approach to Improvisation. The videos on this site are meant to show what various games from the book look like ‘on their feet’ and have many examples of sidecoaching.

Join in group chats or one on one sessions. Become part of a network of seekers learning to refine their skills as player/coaches.

It’s not so much a service as the beginning of a relationship with me where I can help you and refine your skills as a sidecoach.

I sat by Viola’s side as she coached students in our workshop. She’d make little asides to me and I studied what she looked for as she coached. I ‘absorbed’ her coaching style and over time, I began to understand more about her technique of Sidecoaching.

It is my hope that I can do for you what Viola did for me. Sidecoaching is as much an art as it is a skill. I’ll show you how to properly set up Spolin’s games and coach your students or your performing troupe in a way that will bring out their full potential – and yours.

There are many ways we can work together. I’m willing to find a way that is most meaningful for you.


Mentoring Options

For more intensive personal coaching, you may want to choose one of these options:

    Real-time evaluations

    $100per session
    • Place a webcam in your workshop and invite me to watch and comment in real time.

    One-on-one consultation

    $50per hour
    • Help with game formats, advice on sidecoaching and suggestions for games to use.

    Personal Feedback

    $25per hour
    • Post a video of your workshop online and get a written or recorded evaluation with suggestions
  • There will be opportunities to attend retreats throughout the year.

  • Begin a long term relationship with this material and me.  My goal is to develop master Theater Games coaches to ensure the essence of Viola’s work lives on.

Terms and Conditions

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