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Making the Invisible Visible This is a very important exercise. Space is the most neglected aspect in Improvisation. I stress it, because beyond seeing, it requires strong focus and goes a long way to create a compelling stage reality. In this video, I demonstrate and also coach students new to the exercise. I [...]


Viola Spolin coaches Lone Wolf

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Converge and Redivide variation: Lone Wolf Viola Spolin in a rare video conducting a workshop in Utah in 1972. Here she has three groups do Lone Wolf a version of Converge and Redivide. Her coaching is wonderful to watch.


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 Playing in Slow MotionSlow motion is a great sidecoach to use when you are feeling urgent or panic in a scene.  Coaching slow motion re-focuses the players and they have more time to see without stopping .Understanding the difference between true Slow Motion and Moving SlowlyAs in the evaluation you ask players were you in slow motion [...]



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Welcome to the Spacewalks Page SIDE COACHING SPACE WALK GAMES/ EXERCISES See your fellow player and let them see you! Space walks should be given often as warmups and the side coach must participate actively in these exercises. Spacewalks are appropriate for any group, (classroom, workshop, or show warm-up). It is also used [...]


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Space Substance and Follow the Follower   Side coaching and the Approval/Disapproval Syndrome [youtube id="CjMuIItJO1c" width="384" height="216" autoplay="no"] Space Substance and Words Detailing the Object and Sidecoaching  A conversation with NPR freelance journalist Carol Grey and Valerie Harper [youtube id="hwuWPRiOg7c" width="384" height="216" autoplay="no"]

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