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Singing Dialogue

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Singing Dialogue Viola Spolin was aware that singing uses another area of the brain and is important to help 'unhook' your dialogue from the meaning. New rhythms and patterns emerge and can also help memorized dialogue in scripted material, as a rehearsal technique Singing often descends into sing-song or reciting dialogue in a monotonous scale. [...]


Contrapuntal Argument

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Contrapuntal Argument A, B and C Two players and a timekeeper and a scorer. Contrapuntal Argument A The players begin an argument involving both of them, with both developing and unfolding his own theme. They are to talk simultaneously and without pause. The object is for each player to avoid letting the other interrupt his argument. [...]


Using the Where

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On Building and Using the Where "Many actors find it difficult to "reach beyond their noses" and must be freed for a wider physical relationship with the environment." Improvisation for the Theater Most modern improv practice puts very little emphasis on the Where and it is probably the most valuable tool for [...]


One Word Story – King of the Hill


Practice pushing the limits of spontaneous story building. This is a version of Build a Story - One-Word-at-a-Time, often called Story, Story Die! Rather than being an elimination game and creating a funny death to celebrate your failure, this version allows you to stay in and keep challenging  the "King of the [...]


Begin / End

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Making the Invisible Visible This is a very important exercise. Space is the most neglected aspect in Improvisation. I stress it, because beyond seeing, it requires strong focus and goes a long way to create a compelling stage reality. In this video, I demonstrate and also coach students new to the exercise. I [...]


Orientation Game #3 Part of a Whole adding Who


Add to an Activity and add WhoThis short example is enough to show how it's done. Coach players to bring on their relationship along with an activity. Coming on and just announcing who you are is telling. Asking questions is permitted as long as it is apparent that Who is established without telling. [...]


Viola Spolin coaches Lone Wolf

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Converge and Redivide variation: Lone Wolf Viola Spolin in a rare video conducting a workshop in Utah in 1972. Here she has three groups do Lone Wolf a version of Converge and Redivide. Her coaching is wonderful to watch.


Slow Motion Tag

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 Playing in Slow MotionSlow motion is a great sidecoach to use when you are feeling urgent or panic in a scene.  Coaching slow motion re-focuses the players and they have more time to see without stopping .Understanding the difference between true Slow Motion and Moving SlowlyAs in the evaluation you ask players were you in slow motion [...]



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Welcome to the Spacewalks Page SIDE COACHING SPACE WALK GAMES/ EXERCISES See your fellow player and let them see you! Space walks should be given often as warmups and the side coach must participate actively in these exercises. Spacewalks are appropriate for any group, (classroom, workshop, or show warm-up). It is also used [...]


Part of a Whole: Activity

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Part of a Whole: Activity (WHAT) "Show, don't tell." "See what's going on and join in." "Become part of the whole!" As Viola says in the book, this group interaction should create flow and energy. Repeat the game until this takes place. Joining in with fun and gusto sets the tone for entering into [...]


Gibberish Interpreter Relay


  Direct translation vs Assumed or invented meaning In many improv troupes, gibberish is used as a 'gimmick'. The gibberish is not translated accurately, but becomes fodder for clever jokes based on attitude and gesture. Note in this video when an assumption happens and when there is direct communication. Have Something to say Until mastered, [...]


Discussion / Lecture / Information

Space Substance and Follow the Follower   Side coaching and the Approval/Disapproval Syndrome [youtube id="CjMuIItJO1c" width="384" height="216" autoplay="no"] Space Substance and Words Detailing the Object and Sidecoaching  A conversation with NPR freelance journalist Carol Grey and Valerie Harper [youtube id="hwuWPRiOg7c" width="384" height="216" autoplay="no"]

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