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Spolin Games Online

Spolin’s work focuses on all aspects of theater. The learning is done with the use of games and exercises with a focus of integrating experience instead of intellectual understanding. Special attention is given to Sidecoaching, the method this work gets transmitted to the student / player.

About Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz is a film actor, director, and a master improvisational acting coach. It was Gary’s 18-year association with world-renowned theater educator and author, Viola Spolin that provides the foundation for his work today. Gary is the only master teacher to have ever earned an endorsement from both Viola Spolin and her son, Paul Sills, the co-founder and director of The Second City.

Gary Schwartz
Gary SchwartzImprov Coach

About Viola Spolin

“Gary Schwartz is the most gifted student of the Spolin Exercises in America today; he is the one, uniquely trained player, who learned by sitting at the very side of Viola Spolin and observing her uncanny ability to evoke the INTUITIONAL genius of her students.” – Robert K. Greene, husband of Viola Spolin. Hollywood, CA

“Gary Schwartz is a gifted player and coach. He has a thorough understanding of my work.”  – Viola Spolin

“Gary Schwartz was very close to Viola for years, and one of her best students. I’ve had him in several workshops now and find he’s the best side coach around, including me.” – Paul Sills

“Viola Spolin had genius. Gary Schwartz shares her genius with integrity.”  – Valerie Harper

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